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If you are at epic.LAN, please go to http://tournaments.event.epiclan.net.


A briefing will take place with captains at the start which must be attended on Sunday 10:30 BST. Frist Game will be at 11:00am


Use the epic.LAN Discord to organise your games! https://discord.gg/0bE776H07DaWjVQX


2.1.1. Match Settings


Custom Game Settings:

Game mode:

Start of the tournament until Quarters: Best of One

Quarter Finals: Best of One

Finals: Best of One

Map rotation: Single map

Return to lobby:

Payload & Point Capture: After a mirror match

Control: After a game

The higher seeded team starts the map veto. Each team will ban maps until number of maps needed. The lower seed will then choose the starting side of the first map.

Available maps: King's Row, Numbani, Watchpoint: Gibraltar, Dorado, Hanamura, Temple of Anubis, Volskaya, Nepal, Lijiang Tower, Hollywood, Ilios & Route 66

Hero selection limit: None

All heroes are currently allowed

Disable kill cam: On

General Rules:

If the match ends in a draw (both defending sides win and got stuck on the same objective or checkpoint), a random preset Control map will be played. The team to capture the first objective wins the match.

If both attacking sides win, the victory will be award to the team that completed the map in the fastest time. If no screenshots or other match media is available the match will be treated as a draw.

Recordings and/or screenshots from each round are required


2.2. Map Pick/Veto

Unless otherwise specified, the map pick/veto rules are as follows:


The highest seeded team will be chosen to start the pick & ban phase

Contestants ban maps until number of maps needed.

Maps are played in the order they were picked.


2.3. Custom Match Settings


2.3.1. Map Options

Map order: Single Map

Return to lobby:

Control Maps (Nepal & Lijiang Tower): After a game

All other maps: After a mirror match


2.3.2. Maps

Disable all maps except for the map that is to be played.


2.3.3. Hero Options

Hero selection limit: None

All heroes are currently allowed

Role selection limit: None

Allow Hero Switching: On

Respawn as random hero: Off


2.3.4. Heroes

All heroes are to be set as "on" unless otherwise instructed.


2.3.5. Gameplay Options

Skirmish only: Off

Health modifier: 100%

Damage modifier: 100%

Healing modifier: 100%

Ultimate charge rate modifier: 100%

Respawn time modifier: 100%

Ability cooldown modifier: 100%

Disable skins: Off

Disable health bars: Off

Disable kill cam: On

Disable kill feed: Off

Headshots only: Off

High bandwidth: On


2.3.6. Team Options

Team balancing: Off

When balancing occurs: After a mirror match